About Us/Our History

Since 1914, United Roosevelt Savings Bank has been serving the banking needs of Carteret and the surrounding communities. We’ve helped finance so many of the homes in this area, that we’ve been able to truly help build these neighborhoods. Our leadership continues to represent a truly talented team of banking industry professionals and our approach focuses on tried-and-true growth. We are a bank dedicated to our customers, their goals, and their best interests. Our daily work is centered on improving our processes, providing powerful financial tools, and helping our customers pursue their dreams while remaining financially secure. We are invested in the success of our customers’ families, goals, and ambitions.

Our Mission

At United Roosevelt Savings Bank, we believe banking should be personal, professional, and purposeful. Our mission is to financially enable the members of the communities we serve to reach their goals. Our doors are always open and we encourage the members of the community to sit down and discuss their hopes, dreams, and goals with our representatives.

Executive Management

Kenneth R. Totten

President & CEO
732-541-5445 Ext. 209
NMLS No. 405592

William Pawlo

CFO & Chief Risk Officer
732-541-5445 Ext. 204
NMLS No. 1537347

Paul Bruno

Vice President & Controller
732-541-5445 Ext. 205

Cam L. Walther

Vice President – Lending
732-541-5445 Ext. 207
NMLS No. 408319

Bonnie Petz

BSA Officer, Corporate Secretary, & Human Resources Director
732-541-5445 Ext. 213

Board of Directors                         

Michael Kepich , Chairman

Patrick J DeBlasio

John Kwasnik

Theresa Serluco

Kenneth R. Totten

Garry G. Yee