Business Deposits

In the highly competitive world of business, every advantage counts. At United Roosevelt Savings Bank, we equip your business or organization with the internal banking tools and capabilities needed to take on every advantage that comes your way. Grow your business with our dependable deposit capabilities. We provide your business with competitive rates and a strong foundation for the future.

Bank with confidence and empower your business today with one of our great deposit account types:

Business Checking

Standard Business Checking

Our standard business checking account type.

Benefits include:

Business Now

Our next level of savings, earning, and growing begins with the Business Now checking account.

Benefits include:

Non-Profit Now

This is the greatest checking account option for non-profit organizations seeking to safely save and grow. This account is offered to these types of non-profit organizations: religious, charitable, educational, philanthropic, political organizations or corporations, federal, state or local government bodies

Benefits include:

Statement Savings

Grow your business with our dependable savings account.

Benefits include:

CDs (Certificate of Deposit)

The perfect option for a low risk seeking investor, a CD can enable you to securely save funds for later use.

Learn How Our Deposit Services Can Help Your Business. Visit our branch or call us at 732-541-5445.